Membrane Preps GPCRs

High Quality Membrane Preps for Binding and Functional Assays

Receptor and G-protein binding and functional assays are long-established and successful approaches to identify ligands for G Protein Coupled Receptor (GPCRs). Yet, often the most challenging aspect of a radioligand binding or functional GTPγS assay is the generation of reliable, high quality membrane preps. That's why we developed one of the largest collections of commercially available GPCR membrane preps, so you can focus on reviewing results instead of troubleshooting your assays.

Our GPCR Membrane Preparations take advantage of our ChemiScreen™ expression system to yield membrane preparations with highly expressed (Bmax in pmol/mg) and functional GPCRs. Our membrane preparations have been pharmacologically validated for competitive radioligand binding and/or GTPγS studies for worry-free GPCR assays.

Advantages of ChemiScreen™ Membrane Preps:

  • Derived from ChemiScreen™ stable cell lines for superior cell surface expression and lot-to-lot consistency
  • Each target has an optimal amount of membrane prep per unit to provide high total binding and signal-to-background ratio
  • Existing and new lots of membranes preps are tested side-by-side to ensure high lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • Saturation, competitive, and/or functional GTPγS assays qualified and tested
  • Available in bulk quantities

Review our membrane prep, binding assays here.