HTRF® Lipid Kinase Assay Kits

Our extensive portfolio of lipid kinases and robust assay kits provide a complete solution to support your internal PI 3-kinase drug discovery needs

Lipid kinases are involved in numerous cellular functions including survival, growth and differentiation. Class I PI 3-kinases have typically been the most intensely studied group, but interest is growing in other classes of lipid kinase. Most lipid kinases phosphorylate inositol phospholipids, which then activate the AKT/PKB pathway by interacting with the pleckstrin homology (PH) domain of AKT and causing its translocation to the plasma membrane. This in turn affects a number of downstream signaling pathways. Specific inhibitors of lipid kinases are desirable due to lipid kinase deregulation being implicated in several diseases such as cancers, inflammation and diabetes.

To enable researchers to assay lipid kinases, Eurofins has developed a range of kits using a Homogeneous Time-Resolved Fluorescence (HTRF®) assay format. In general, this assay format benefits from low compound interference, high sensitivity and reproducible data.

HTRF® Lipid Kinase Assay Kits are high-performance assay kits that provides a universal method for measuring all Class I PI3-Kinases, Class II PI3- Kinases, and PIPKINS in a homogeneous 384- or 1536-well format.

Why use our HTRF® Lipid Kinase Assay Kits?

  • Large Stokes shift and time-resolved signal reduce compound interference, minimizing false negatives
  • Picomole sensitivity enables the integrity of enzyme kinetics to be retained, ensuring the most physiologically relevant assay parameters
  • Two assay configurations
    • 4-step is a convenient version for small project
    • 3-step is ideal for HTS configured for reduced assay volume to accommodate screening in 1536 well plates
  • Z` factor exceeding 0.8, ensuring consistent, reliable data
  • Reliable, proven assay-based on the technology used in KinaseProfiler™ Service

Figure 1. Profile lipid kinases with ease and reliability.

Our HTRF® Lipid Kinase Kits make it easy to screen for lipid kinase inhibitors while avoiding compound interference.