Frozen Cells Ion Channels

Perform e-phys experiments in a fraction of the time with our PrecisION Ready-to-Assay™ cells

We created an ultra-convenient, cryopreserved version of our PrecisION® ion channel stable cell lines to remove the tedious cell culture component that is traditionally associated with ion channel assays. Ready-to-Assay™ ion channel frozen cells are cryopreserved for high viability and functionality and can be either thawed to an assay plate or flask for use in experiments in 24-48 hrs.

These Ready-to-Assay™ cell lines are available exclusively to cell line license holders.

  • Voltage-Gated
    • Potassium
    • Sodium
    • Calcium
    • Hyperpolarized
  • Ligand-Gated
    • Nicotinic acetylcholine
    • GABA
    • Chloride
    • TRP and more....

Advantages of Ready-to-Assay™ Ion Channel Frozen Cells:

  • Electrophysiology cell-based assay results within 24-48 hours from start to finish
  • Packaged as sufficient cells for one IonWorks run
  • High cellular viability and assay signal
  • Preserved pharmacological properties between continuous culture and frozen cells
  • Available in bulk quantities

Figure 1. Comparison of continuous and Ready-to-Assay™ ion channel frozen cells on IonWorks® platform.

hERG cells that were either continuously cultured (Cat. No. CYL3038) or thawed from the Ready-to-Assay™ frozen cell format (RTA, Cat. No. CYL3038RTA) were tested in parallel on the IonWorks® automated electrophysiological device and were shown to have comparable function. Data were calculated by taking the maximum amplitude of hERG currents upon stepping to -50mV during the third pulse of a three pulse train. The data shown were calculated using the ratio of Post (post-compound addition pulse) / Pre (pre-compound addition pulse).