Frozen Cells GPCRs

Faster, More Convenient Cell-Based Assays

To help you generate results quickly and hassle-free, we've created an extensive panel of single use, cryopreserved cells. Ready-to-Assay™ GPCR frozen cells are cryopreserved for high viability and functionality but, unlike traditional cell lines that require extensive cell culture maintenance, Ready-to-Assay™ frozen cells can be thawed directly into an assay plate and can be ready for an experiment in 24 hours.

Each kit comes with 2 vials and a media component, enough for 1 full assay plate. Don't need a full assay plate? Use one vial for half a plate and save the other one for later!

Advantages of Ready-to-Assay™ GPCR frozen cells:

  • Cell-based assay results within 24 hours from start to finish
  • High cellular viability and assay signal
  • Enough cells to run either a 96- or 384-well assay plate
  • Kit configured for flexibility - test either full or half plate
  • Preserved pharmacological properties between continuous culture and frozen cells
  • Available in bulk quantities

Review our Ready-to-Assay frozen cells here.

For GPCR complete assay ready kits, visit Eurofins DiscoverX.