Enzymes Kinases

Choose from over 370 active, inactive, unactivated, and mutant kinases

Eurofins is the original provider of purified kinases geared towards screening and profiling potential drugs. Since our early origins at the turn of the century, we have been continuously expanding our portfolio of recombinant proteins.

Our portfolio includes more than 370 active, inactive, and unactivated protein kinases and a large selection of disease-relevant mutants. All of our enzymes are available in multiple pack sizes including 10 μg, 250 μg or bulk (1 mg and greater) to provide you with flexible options from a one-time experiment to a full-blown HTS campaign.   

Advantages of our kinase enzymes:

  • One of the broadest portfolios in the industry: over 370 active, inactive, unactivated and mutant kinases
  • Over 25 lipid and atypical kinases, including PI3 Kinases, mTOR and the only commercially available ATM and ATR recombinant enzymes
  • Unmatched expertise - over 15 years of experience in the kinase and phosphatase industry
  • Strict quality control for the highest purity, specific activity, and lot-to-lot consistency
  • The most disease-relevant targets
  • Purchase the same purified kinases we use for our KinaseProfiler™ service

Figure 1. Eurofins purified kinases give superior results compared to other commercial sources.

A) Results from assays using wild-type B-Raf (Cat# 14-530) and the disease relevant mutant B-Raf V600E (Cat# 14-557) compared to another supplier. B) The specific activity of our enzymes, PAK1 (Cat# 14- 927), JAK1 (Cat# 14-918), B-Raf and B-Raf V600E as described in (A) were compared to other suppliers (specific activity was normalized to that of the Eurofins enzymes). Catalytic kinase assays shown in (A) and (B) were run in identical conditions for the given kinase target. Incorporation of radiolabeled phosphate into a peptide substrate was measured after substrate capture on a filter membrane.