CYL3032 - PrecisION™ hKir2.1-HEK Recombinant Stable Cell Line

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    Recombinant HEK293 cell line expressing the human Kir2.1 (inwardly-rectifying voltage-gated potassium channel, subfamily J, member 2 (KCNJ2). Accession number NM_00891).

    Additional Resource :  CYL3032100114 Datasheet

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    Contents: 2 x 1 mL aliquots containing 1.12 x 106 cells/mL in 10% DMSO at passage 15.
    Storage: Vials are to be stored in liquid N2.
    GMO: This product contains genetically modified organisms.
    Reference 1: 1. Alagem, N., Dvir, M. and Reuveny, E. (2001) Mechanism of Ba(2+) block of a mouse inwardly rectifying K+ channel: differential contribution by two discrete residues J Physiol 534(Pt. 2), 381-393
    Reference 2: 2. Barrett-Jolley, R., Dart, C. and Standen, N. B. (1999) Direct block of native and cloned (Kir2.1) inward rectifier K+ channels by chloroethylclonidine Br J Pharmacol 128(3), 760-766
    Reference 3: 3. Biermans, G., Vereecke, J. and Carmeliet, E. (1987) The mechanism of the inactivation of the inward-rectifying K current during hyperpolarizing steps in guinea-pig ventricular myocytes Pflugers Arch 410(6), 604-613
    Reference 4: 4. Dhamoon, A. S. and Jalife, J. (2005) The inward rectifier current (IK1) controls cardiac excitability and is involved in arrhythmogenesis Heart Rhythm 2(3), 316-324
    Reference 5: 5. Dhamoon, A. S., Pandit, S. V., Sarmast, F., Parisian, K. R., Guha, P., Li, Y., Bagwe, S., Taffet, S. M. and Anumonwo, J. M. (2004) Unique Kir2.x properties determine regional and species differences in the cardiac inward rectifier K+ current Circ