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PrecisION® Stable Ion Channel Cell Lines

In 2002, we saw how automated electrophysiology systems, which were coming into the market at the time, could revolutionize ion channel drug discovery and safety pharmacology testing. We started building our cell-based ion channel product portfolio with such instrumentation in mind to realize the power that electrophysiology-based HTS had to generate more meaningful data for ion channel drug discovery.

Successful e-phys based screening relies on robust and stable cell lines expressing a channel of interest. With our experience and proprietary polycistronic expression system, we excel in generating the highest quality stable cell lines, even cell lines recombinantly expressing four different subunits. Demonstrating the quality and flexibility of PrecisION® ion channel stable cell lines, various targets have been found to work on manual patch clamp and numerous automated e-phys platforms including IonWorks®, PatchXpress® IonFlux™ HT, Patchliner®, Port-a-Patch®, QPatch and Dynaflow® HT systems. From voltage-gated channels (e.g., Nav1.7, hERG) to slow (e.g., GABAA) and fast (e.g. nAChR and GluR6) ligand-gated channels, Eurofins has the quality of cell line that you need.

  • Voltage Gated
    • Potassium
    • Sodium
    • Calcium
    • Hyperpolarized
  • Ligand-gated
    • Nicotinic acetylcholine
    • GABA
    • Chloride
    • TRP and more....

Advantages of PrecisION® Recombinant Cell Lines:

  • Choose from >60 different targets, one of the largest stable ion channel offerings in the industry
  • Pharmacologically and functionally validated stability for >25 passages
  • Superior vector technologies for optimum stability, expression and uniform current
  • Comprehensive characterization of both biophysical and pharmacological properties
  • Full technical support from our skilled electrophysiologists

Figure 1. Measuring 'resting-state' block on PatchXpress® platform.

Lamotrigine, mexiletine and flecainide were tested by five-point dose response against the Nav1.5 (CYL3004) PrecisION® recombinant cell line on the PatchXpresss® platform, yielding IC50 values of 71.9 ± 30 μM, 69.4 ± 24 μM and 14 ± 2 μM, respectively.