23-027-K - b-catenin Protein, activated

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    β-catenin is a multifunctional protein; it is a central component of the cadherin cell adhesion complex, regulating the control of cell adhesion and plays an essential role in the Wingless/Wnt signaling pathway that governs cell fate in early embryogenesis. The regulation of β-catenin turnover in the cells is governed by its phosphorylation status which allows the targeting of ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis. Altered levels of protein expression as well as genetic mutations of β-catenin have been implicated in a number of human cancers.

    Additional Resource: 23-027_D11DP018N_Datasheet

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    Item Unit of Measure: UG
    Applications: Enzyme Assay
    Entrez Gene Number: NM_001904 (GenBank Number)
    Species: Human